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[03 Jul 2009|05:56pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

trying to toss everyone a few bones here by updating. Add me on twitter if you want to follow what I'm up to. I can easily update that from my phone. So it may replace LJ for me. I haven't used this much lately anyhow. Although you can't beat the customizable features. :)

Oh yeah follow me via people search xxaliceinozxx on twitter

In other news Im off for the first weekend since I started my new job a month ago! WOOOOO to the OOOT!

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Oi [27 Jun 2009|09:53pm]
Not much has happened but I got a job. That's pretty much it.
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... [22 May 2009|06:03pm]
[ mood | angry ]

American adults your middle name has become powerless.

With all the child laws in effect you now can't even tell precious little children, currently sawing down trees next to your house, to please go find something better to do. Nope. Because if you do their parents have the right to call law enforcement on the childs behalf.


Was said child not on property owned by another entity sawing down trees, stealing wood from our property, without permission? Was said child actually not breaking the law? And. I'm not an old grump. AND. It's not that children are playing and having fun. Lord knows I played in these woods as a child. It's the fact that they are defiling the property, have absolutely no respect for boundires, and no respect for adults.


Yet when someone says something to said child it is within the parents right to call the local law enforcement.

What kind of a message are we sending the youth of America? No one said don't play and have fun. No one said im going to put you thru the wall you lil' shit. No. So instead of actually being able to do anything. Can't call law enforcement because it's not our property and we can't say a damn thing. So all we can do is sit idly by and deal with this crap.

I feel like im a thousand but when I was a kid we got in trouble for LESS. That's why we had respect. Because we knew that our ass was grass if we acted up. That we were in trouble if we overstepped our bounds, defiled other peoples property, or were generally lacking respect in any form. AND. Now. NOW. With all these idiotic laws, that were originally meant to help abused and endangered children, have become become the real child abuse. I've noticed kids have less respect. No boundaries. AND. They get everything they want. Maybe I'm having a moment here, but are we not rewarding disobedience?? Are we not protecting the abusers from the abused at this point?

It's a bunch of hairy BS is what it is. Sunny beach.

::rant over::

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[23 Feb 2009|08:54pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Packing my bags and getting ready to head up to Bethlehem for a while. Maybe look for some work. Take some time to think. I will post a few updates and pics check the myspace as well. Have a great week everyone. :)


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[21 Feb 2009|10:41am]
[ mood | amused ]

Typical day. Not too much to blog about. Just to let everyone know I may start posting a lot more about video games, current beta testing, etc. As these are the things that are filling up the time in my life as of right now. :)

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Random Thoughts [19 Feb 2009|10:40am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

MTV. Music Television. Yet all I ever see when I flick on MTV is Reality TV. Should this not then be renamed RTV, formerly MTV?? Should the name Music Television not imply that at some point in time music is shown on this television channel? I remember music videos. I remember crazy ass Vj's. I remember insane commercials. I remember when MTV meant something. Everyone thought that Video had killed the Radio star..guess again.

At the Microsoft Xbox 360 launch Microsoft released a core system with no HDD and a premium with 20GB HDD. Within two years they decide to rename the core to the arcade unit and and release a 120gb HDD Elite in 2007. For some fiscal reason Microsoft leaves the 20GB premium edition untouched untouched until 2008. Then it seems as an after thought they discontinued the 20GB systems and released a 60GB HDD premium edition. My question is this... Why would you discontinue a system with a HDD, when you could discontinue the unit with no HDD and have a line of Xbox 360's all complete with HDD? First the 20GB Arcade unit, Second the Premium 60GB unit complete with two games, and third the 120GB Elite Unit also complete with two games. I understand the monetary gain by keeping the Arcade unit but with all the price drops there actually is no extra money made. Especially when most go to a third party auction site to buy a used HDD and call it a day.

While on on the subject of Gaming. WTF Sony? I still have a $600 60GB brick that I use as a BLU Ray disc player. I have most of the exclusive titles and I can count them on less than ten fingers. Please get your rear in gear. AND. For the love of gaming gods give me a full 1080p game!! Restore the faith that I had in SONY back in 95 when I forsake Nintendo and purchased the PS1.

Why the hell can I not find a job? I've been busting my ass putting applications in and calling people back. I've gotten a total of 3 interviews and nothing. I have a frickin' degree people. At this point I'm thinking I should have worked my ass off for a year and paid my first year tuition for film school instead of going for business.

My heart is not in business. Its with the Arts. Arghh.

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The queen of diamonds says she's missing her heart... [22 Dec 2008|07:46pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Things are looking a little bleak this season. The Holidays will be spent sans-wifey for the first time in just under 5 years. This is a strange arrangement. Much like an incomplete deck of cards my queen of diamonds is missing her heart. Sigh. What can one do? I've thought of a million ways I could show up and surprise her. However that's pretty hard to do with no cash and no wheels. So the time has come for me to stop griping and just accept the cards we've been dealt.

This emptiness I've felt lately is just strange. It's a simple emptiness. Not so much that I can't exist, but it's enough to slow me down. As always life could be worse and hey it's only until January 15th right?

If I don't post before then.


When you spend the holidays with your loved ones be sure to thank them for every precious moment spent together. Whether its a huge fight or not the holidays wouldn't be the same without them. Trust me. :)

Warmest wishes to you all.


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I care. But this truth is I don't want too... [16 Dec 2008|08:36pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

Wow? Where to start? So many things have happened this past week. Things I never saw coming. Last Tuesday it felt like I got blind sided by a 16 wheeler when an ex unexpectedly appeared at my place of employment. Excuse me? But isn't that bit*h supposed to be in Oklahoma somewhere??? AND. Oh no. It wasn't a happy feeling. It was primal and rage like. As primitive as it could possibly get. AND. The sickest part of all I felt her presence before I even saw her. Not kidding. As crazy as I sound I felt it. I looked up and there she was.

This single soul. This one person. Who managed to destroy everything that I had been at one point in time. This person whom once swore up and down screaming that she loved me after lying about me to benefit herself and make me look like a piece o shat. She told me that she did it for us. This was the last person on earth that I ever needed to see. EVER.

The funny part? I had finally released my thoughts, objects, memories, of her. Tossed them to universe to sort out and felt at peace with everything. Then bam! There she was in right in front of me. AND. The truth was she still had power over me. Or Else I would have never felt so pissed, and violated that she was even near my personal space. Its funny how circumstance will prove things are actually more askew than you believe.

Enter Wednesday. My best friend of forever and a day decides hey its time to lie to me when I ask a simple question. Proving that my doubts in them lately had been true. And it's all just one f**ked up circle that leads back to this same ex. Then he calls me and asks for money??? Hadn't talked to me in weeks because of rediscovering old 'friends'. So yeah. Now I'm chopped meat until he needs something?? UH NO! I am NOONES BIT*H! So what do I do? I got pissed and told him to pull his head out of his a$$ long enough to catch a breath of fresh air. Via email. Because he hadn't answered my calls until it was convenient for him anyway as of late. He also hadn't answered a single email,myspace comment, yadda yadda in weeks until I typed that beauty of a one liner and sent it to him. I'll be damned if my phone did not ring off the hook. But. I didn't answer. Why should I? To listen to him scream because I struck a nerve?? Nah. Not my deal. ALso. His sudden case of HIA not my problem.

Enter Thursday. I woke up super depressed. Considering all of the current bs I've been experiencing I figured it was just that. Nah. It had nothing to do with that.

Enter Sunday. Turns out I was also 'channeling' another person I was super close too. Yeah. That one is a story that is far too long to tell. But. It boils down to the fact that she was marrying this dude who came between us and our friendship. She wanted my opinion because she wasn't sure this was the right thing for her. Well. She married him on Thursday and Congratulations to the new Happy Couple.

I would be the biggest liar on earth if I said it didn't take everything I had to say congratulations. Because. After all I am only human. AND. When they got engaged she confided to me that she wished someone would have said congratulations and respected her decision. Well. I can be that someone. That's what friends do.

And thats about it. Above all I want more than anything not to care. BUT. Sadly I do. So what can we do?

Enter lyric:

I try to make it through my life
In my way
There is you
I try to make it through these lies
That’s all I do

Just don't deny it
Just don't deny it
And deal with it
Yeah deal with it

Exit Lyric:

Song = Apocalyptica: I don't Care

So if you wonder where I've been you need look no further than my own personal hell. LOL! Seriously though. Doing the typical cheez. Working. Playing xbox and falling to pieces without my wife.


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sup-date [27 Nov 2008|09:06pm]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

Sometimes. Mostly all the time. Amongst the chaos, the panic, and the rush of everyday life. Somewhere. Somehow. I find the time to think.

Lately I've been lulling it over. It's truly amazing how once in a while the pieces just seem to fit.

Those I had thought lost have come knocking on my door again. Friends otherwise mistaken as memories have now become slices of fruitful reality. For this I am thankful.

Happy thanksgiving all.

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[20 Sep 2008|02:05pm]
[ mood | confused ]

I need an epiphany. Not for myself, but for a friend. There is a person who is so close to my heart, but I feel as if all I am doing is breaking hers by trying to help. Epiphany Needed. Stat. Thanks.


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[21 Aug 2008|10:21am]
I plan on enjoy another day sitting in the sun and reading Practical Demon Keeping. Although today I wont lose track of time and sizzle like bacon on a hot griddle. I come prepared with a phone alarm. Hope all is well!

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[20 Aug 2008|11:42am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

I got up this morning super excited to go for a dip in the pool and get some sun. Then. To my GREAT disappointment it was like 2 degrees outside. :(

Perfectly clear gorgeous blue skies and its as cool as an early spring day. WTF mother nature. Its August. Hellow?

I've decided im still going to get some sun. I just can't jump into the pool and come out a freezepop today. Not in the mood.

:: click ::

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All I want is a little piece of heaven.. [18 Aug 2008|01:23pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

No rhyme or reason. I just simply woke up this morning and cleaned the pool, fixed the swing out back, and am thinking of ways we could landscape the yard for $150.00 or less. It's that time of year when pool supplies, landscaping supplies,etc go on sale. ;)

DolnMoon or either of you. The pool is up and ready to go again just in time for some super hot weather. Drop by and take a swim whenever. We can set up the BBQ and play some games etc.

Going to play some xbox later but for now my niece is over. Time for some yard tennis. ;)

AND. Yes! I am damn sexy because I still listen to Abba.


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Sketches for minds unrested [17 Aug 2008|11:28am]
[ mood | awake ]

This post is for a few close friends going through some chit. Ladies, you know who you are. So through all the mishaps, cheating, curiosity, loss, gain, misery, pain, love, crushes, and experiences i've been through these seem to be the same basic lessons I learn. Every time. So maybe this will help.

Life is an experience we learn from. <--- DUH!

Sometimes we learn positive things and other times we learn about the negative aspects we all harbor within. <---DUH again.

Everyone loves. Everyone loses. Everyone Lives. Rinse lather repeat. <--- Okay im done reading now.

Life is simply a journey of knowledge. Living, learning, Retaining, and Experiencing. <---- Uhh thank you captain obvious!!

Experience is the key. Our bodies, mind, and inner being crave all sorts of experience. <--- yeah. I know.

Once we take experience out of the equation life becomes dull and repetitive. Routine as nice as it may be gets atrocious. <--- Hmmm. Very True.

When your relationship with individuals becomes dull and boring seek new experiences.

Most of the time we don't ever actually become disenchanted. We simply forget how to experience things with the people we are closest too. Thats usually when you feel like the person has changed. Don't get me wrong there are times where whoa they have. They so definitely-without a doubt- have changed. Most of the time though you ignore the need to experience new things for so long, we hold them in for so long, that we forget how to talk to or even try to experience things with said people. So its very easy to go "OOOOHHHHHH SHINY!"

Don't fear experience.

Don't fear yourself for craving experience.

AND. Most of all. I can't emphasize this enough.

Never be ashamed of your own curiosity. No matter how society looks upon it. Curiosity fuels your own personal journey.

Were born curious for a reason.

Curiosity helps us discover new things about ourselves ,the world around us, and the people we love.

Sometimes this ache for knowledge leads us down the path that reveals our purpose in life, helps us discover our spirituality, or even hidden aspects of our sexuality.

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::le sigh:: [31 Jul 2008|10:01am]
[ mood | awake ]

Did you ever have one of those dreams that just felt so frickin' real? So real that waking up was a shock to your nervous system? Yeah. Now I miss my girl even more. AND. No sickos it was a super innocent dream. The end of August just doesn't come quick enough. Miss you my lil cubican princess.

Suddenly inspired to paint. Interesting. Much love to you all. Hope life is treating you well.


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quickie [30 Jul 2008|05:44pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Not much to update. I keep losing weight so my self confidence is flourishing. For the first time EVA EVA my default pic is actually a current picture of me. Still job searching. Still working two days a week. Still missing my wife.

A quick shot out:

Happy Birthday Rachel! AND. Good luck with your new job!

Hope all is well!


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An update for a girl I used to know [28 Jul 2008|12:21pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Posting this update simply to keep in touch.

First off you need a new need damn icon so here you go Photobucket.

Secondly. I watched that movie yesterday and it reminded me of us in a way. :)

Thirdly. I don't have much to update on. My tooth was pulled. I have a lisp and not in the good way. AND. I've been passing the time until I go back to work.

Hope all is well.

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[21 Jul 2008|08:52pm]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]

Wow. I have the worst toothache ever. My face is so swollen from the abscess my eye is turning black and blue. Thursday I go to have it pulled. Going back to bed now.

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Under the knife and below the search [19 Jul 2008|01:02pm]
[ mood | calm ]

My dad went in for back surgery on Thursday of this week and is doing just fine. He seems to be slightly disoriented from the happy button (aka morphine drip), but should be coming home this weekend. Were all expecting Mr. Uber-cranky pants for a little while, but we will be happy to see our father mobile once again. :)

My family has been staying up in state college instead of commuting back and fourth daily. But I decided to stay behind so I could hold down the fort and tend to our senile cats.

In other news:

Things are changing and starting to look up a bit. The job search is going decent, lots of places hiring so lets just hope I actually get hired. My EUC went through today which is a super relief! I was worried about having to sell off my first gen Transformer collection in order to cover bills. Luckily my predacons were saved by the PA emergency compensation act. YAY!

AND. That about covers it.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!


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Another turn of the page [14 Jul 2008|01:26pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Well. It's that time again. Job search time. At this point I'm only getting eight hours per week and that just isn't cutting it. I'm looking to find another full time job, or possible part time with at least 32hrs a week. Hopefully a position that will allow me to keep at least one day a week for my current employer. Seriously; who wants to lose their discount on photo equipment. No one I know. Not in the digital age. I can get a new 4gb CF for around $25.00. C'mon. ;)

In another news my Xbox 360 died a few weeks back. Yes. AGAIN! I swear the red ring of death fairy lives underneath my entertainment stand. So I replaced my 'premium' 360 with an arcade unit before I even called customer service. The last time an xbox died it took nearly three months to receive a working unit. AND. That was only after I called and asked to speak to a manger. They replaced my 360 with a new unit at that point and apologized for my experience. I was told this normally doesn't happen . LOL. Yes. It doesn't. Thats why I'm going through it again.

Anyway, Thank the gaming gods I replaced my 360 because Xbox Customer Service and Microsoft repair service are now worse than ever. I called in the repair around June 18th and the return box finally arrived on July 7th. There is no reason it should take that long to receive a repair return box. Not when this is the 567,000 time I've had to send a 360 in for repair. No reason. Not to mention when I called the repair in the computers were down. Once I was done explaining my problem I was given a reference number and told to call back after 48 hrs. They were having 'problems' with their data entry forms and had to manually enter all the information into the system.

In case anyones 360 is 'simply' freezing its not your cache. Soon you will reboot the unit only to find a flashing ring of death. Your cables are plugged in fine and removing your HDD wont fix the problem either. Its your heat sync. Write this number down; 18004MYXBOX. Trust me you will need it.


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